Momentum Pictures secures OOOPS 2! COUNTRY IN SIGHT for North America

April 29, 2021

The Munich-based global distributor Global Screen, a division of Telepool, can announce another sale for OOOPS 2! LAND IN SIGHT announce: Momentum Pictures secured the animated film for the USA and Canada, one of the last remaining territories. The exciting 3D production from director Toby Genkel is the sequel to "Ooops! The Ark is gone...", which grossed over $28 million worldwide. OOOPS 2! LAND IN SICHT is now following in these footsteps and has been at number 1 in the Norwegian charts for 3 weeks, started sensationally at number 1 in Great Britain and also made it into the top 3 of the box office charts in Germany.OOOPS 2! LAND IN SICHT was recently sold by Global Screen to Australia & New Zealand (Rialto), the Middle East (Selim Ramio & Co), Scandinavia (Selmer Media), Belgium & the Netherlands (Just4Kids) and Taiwan (Benchmark). Previous sales had already been made to Great Britain (eOne), France (Paradis / Orange Studios), Spain (Flins y Piniculas), Portugal (Pris), Greece (Rosebud), Israel (Five Stars), Turkey (Filmarti), Russia (Voxell). , the Baltic States (Garsu), Ukraine (UFD), Poland (Kino Swiat), the former Yugoslavia (Blitz), Hungary (Vertigo), Bulgaria (Pro Films), Latin America (Leda Films), Korea (Company L), Vietnam (Lightning McQueen) and Malaysia (Suraya) have been announced.Director Toby Genkel, producer Emely Christians (Ulysses Filmproduktion) and Global Screen are also working together on THE AMAZING MAURICE, an adaptation of Terry Pratchett's bestseller. The story of the cool cat will be shown on Sky Cinema in 2022, and the leading roles are starred by Emily Clarke and Hugh Laurie. Global Screen is selling THE AMAZING MAURICE worldwide and will present its first scenes at the Marché in Cannes. Telepool has taken over the distribution in the German-speaking territories.