World Sales

Stories for the world

How do films or series and audiences come together? Our skilled, experienced team at GLOBAL SCREEN is well connected with cinema distributors, streaming platforms, TV channels, festivals and other partners – all over the world. We are in active contact with public and private television broadcasters, international on-demand services and OTT platforms. For each production, we develop the distribution strategy that best suits the genre, the target group and the planned target markets.

GLOBAL SCREEN's credits include animation hit movies like “The Amazing Maurice” (a lavishly produced 3D-animated film based on Terry Pratchett’s novel and starring Hugh Laurie and Emilia Clarke), ”Ooops! Noah Is Gone” and “Luis and the Aliens”. We have also delivered gripping dramas such as “The Collini Case”, historical masterpieces like "The Conference", critically acclaimed arthouse films such as “A Thousand Times Goodnight” featuring Juliette Binoche and the successful family franchise "School of magical animals". Current highlights include the WWII drama "Stella - A Life", starring Paula Beer, acclaimed arthouse feature “My Sailor, My Love” as well as the beloved canine adventure "Lassie - A New Adventure".